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    Sharon Salzberg & Phoenix Soleil:

    "Fierce Compassion & Self Care"

    | Talks at Google

    Diversity and the Dharma: Challenges and Opportunities

    Phoenix is honored to have been interviewed for the Diversity and the Dharma, a series of video interviews with Insight Meditation Society teachers and staff.

    Empathy Documentary Project: Insights into Empathy - Phoenix Soleil

    Panel at the Open Engagement Conference

    April 30th 2016 at the Oakland Museum of California. Panelists who have done work on race privilege and oppression (personal and/or professional) modeled some of the possibilities of collaboration, vulnerability, and accountability for conference attendees.

    Empathy Documentary Project:

    Insights into Empathy

    What you say next can change the world.

    Monthly call in program where role players act out conflict situations, Conflict Hotline #2, Pt 4 of 6

  • Audio Interview of Phoenix

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    Phoenix is a guest on KPFA

    She discusses the use of Nonviolent Communication in diversity and inclusion work.

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    Next Economy MBA Series: Culture & Communication

    This episode tackles the topic of collaborative communication and why it’s so important when it comes to making a genuine impact in the world.

    LIFT Economy partners Shawn Berry and Phoenix Soleil share their backgrounds in communication and break down the business-related benefits of emotional safety in the workplace.

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    2024 First Episode of the Culture Mini Series

    Dive into the world of Nonviolent Communication with LIFT Partner Phoenix Soleil on the Next Economy podcast's Culture Mini Series. Discover how it can elevate your life and career.

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    2022 Coping With Racism & Guided Metta with Phoenix Soleil



    Insight Meditation teacher and LIFT partner Phoenix Soleil talks to Pamela Ayo Yetunde about how metta practice can help you cope with facing racism.



  • Phoenix Interviews Guests

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    Phoenix interviews Sarah Peyton

    Enabling change through relational neuroscience and Nonviolent Communication

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    Phoenix interviews Sharon Salzberg

    Working with Mindfulness and Loving kindness at Work

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    Phoenix interviews Oren Jay Sofer

    Awareness of Deeper Needs & Meeting them Mindfully

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    Phoenix interviews Lama Rod Owens

    Lama Rod Owens: Love, Activism, and Becoming a Spiritual Warrior

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    Phoenix interviews Roxy Manning

    The Antiracist Heart, Nonviolent Communication, and Learning to Practice Compassion

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